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Guild: USW Organizing Victory at Point Park Should Re-Open Door to Bargaining with Full-Time Faculty

A union victory Wednesday for part-time faculty at Pittsburgh's Point Park University should send a message to the administration that it is high time to bargain in good faith with the full-time faculty who voted a decade ago to join the Pittsburgh Newspaper Guild. In a statement isued after the United Steelworkers victory for adjunct faculty, the Guild said: The Newspaper Guild-CWA congratulates the part-time faculty of Point Park University on their decision to unionize. They have decided to speak with a unified voice to their employer. The full-time faculty of the University, represented by the Pittsburgh Newspaper Guild took that step a decade ago. “Instead of listening and working in partnership with its employees, Point Park University has attempted to drown out the voices of its full-time faculty with years of litigation aimed at avoiding its legal obligation to negotiate a contract,” said Tim Schick,TNG-CWA’s organizing director. “With the university’s entire faculty now unionized, it is time for the school’s administrators to uncover their ears and listen to the voices of its employees.” Photo: Part-time faculty members cheer their union victory.

Outrage Swells as Egyptian President Refuses Pardon

Imprisoned Al-Jazeera Journalists Face Difficult Appeals Process

The Newspaper Guild-CWA, journalists, news organizations and human rights groups around the world are continuing to express outrage over Egypt’s imprisonment of three Al-Jazeera journalists. After a sham trial on spurious terrorism-related charges, the three men were sentenced Monday to seven to 10 years in a maximum-security prison. They have already been held since December, reportedly housed together in a dank and tiny cell. On Tuesday, Egyptian President Abdel fatah al-Sisi rebuffed calls from Barack Obama and other world leaders that he pardon the journalists. “We will not interfere in judicial rulings," Sisi said, as reported by The Guardian. "We must respect judicial rulings and not criticize them even if others do not understand this." “The only one failing to understand this absurdity is Egypt, which staged a farcical trial to railroad three journalists who were simply doing their jobs: reporting on the country’s civil unrest,” TNG-CWA President Bernie Lunzer said. “The president’s refusal to even consider a pardon is more evidence that Egypt has no genuine interest in justice and democracy.”

Contract Extension Approved at Two Northeast Ohio Papers

With almost 70 percent of eligible Guild members voting, a three-year contract extension has been approved by the Repository/Independent bargaining unit of Northeast Ohio Newspaper Guild-CWA, Local 1. The extension, through Sept. 5, 2017, includes bonuses and/or base pay increases, job security language that bars subcontracting for the duration of the agreement and a provision saving four advertising positions.